Adult Testimonials

Robyn Brill Vought

“Every winter I have a sinus or respiratory issue.  With all the warnings about over the counter medicine, I wanted to try medicinal herbs as an alternative.  But I didn’t know much about them and it seemed overwhelming to learn. I found out about Kimberly’s 3 part Winter Wellness Series that was about the use of medicinal herbs dealing with sinus and respiratory problems.  The course was fantastic.  Kimberly taught us about the plants that would help, how they worked in our bodies and how to prepare them to use. Each class Kimberly prepared something delicious to eat and drink using the plants we were learning about. She taught us how to make tinctures, teas and syrups that we took home with us.  Kimberly is excellent at explaining medicinal herbs in a way that is easy to understand.  As a result I feel that I am developing a solid foundation to continue building my personal medicinal herb practice. I can’t wait for the Spring Series of classes.”

Robyn Brill Vough

Emily Dewey

“Classes with Kimberly are a magical gathering of souls, all hopeful to connect in a deeper way with our ability to heal ourselves through the wisdom of plants. Kimberly approaches her classes with so much love and knowledge. Each topic feels well thought out, and flows in such a way that you can easily absorb the information being presented. The hands-on experience of working with the herbs makes for a deeper experience of integrating and acquainting with the plant friends. I have greatly enjoyed classes with Kimberly and plan to attend many more offerings from her!”

 Emily Dewey