I feel a vital Calling to help reconnect people to plants and the natural world.

We are an integral part of nature and the more we can incorporate the plants and the energies of the natural world into our beings the healthier and more vital we become.

Herbal Education


3 year Clinical Herbalist Training Program at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism


Advanced Herbal Training Program with herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, Orange,VT


Nutrition and Anatomy and Physiology with herbalist and clinical nutritionist Susanah Grey-Bliss, Middlesex, VT

2003-Summer, Fall

Intermediate Herbal Apprenticeship Program at Avena Botanicals with herbalist Deb Soule, Rockport, ME

2002-Summer, Fall

One on one apprenticeship with herbalist/nurse JoAnne Liddell, Washington,VT


Consumed with having babies and making herbal potions to help them stay healthy


Self-taught from books and the Plants themselves


B.S. in Biology from Reed College, Portland, OR

Healer, Maker, Teacher

I have been working with and learning from plants for over 25 years. My formal education began in college when I majored in Biology with a focus on botany and ecological farming practices. When I finished college I had an insatiable desire to learn and absorb all that I could about herbs and healing.

This desire continues to shape my life today and it has led me on an inspiring journey where I have become an herbal healer, herbal product maker and herbal teacher.

Plants and the natural world have so much to offer us on so many different levels. Their beauty inspires us and when we ingest their medicine we can feel deep shifts towards balance and healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

I am fascinated with how our human bodies function and I am continually learning about our physiology and how different plants and foods can affect the biological dynamics in our bodies.

For me it is awe-inspiring that plants grow out of the earth that naturally contain constituents that can interact with our bodies’ cells to heal our tissues and balance the functioning of our organ systems.

I also believe that it is vitally important that we approach our healing by taking into consideration our emotions, mind and spirit as well as our bodily functions.  Fortunately plants can also help us heal on these levels as well when used with intention and/or ritual.

I feel blessed to be able to help people create more health, balance and awareness in their lives by guiding and teaching them how they can use plants for medicine and well-being.

I also am a mother of 2 grown children and this has been one of my main jobs and passions for the past 20 years. My journey as a mother has taught me invaluable lessons on being human and continues to inform my healing practice as our lives unfold.

I held the brown wintery Prunella in my hand and gave thanks – Thanks for the reminder of the magic that exists in the world. The magic and beauty that exists right in the midst of death and utter sadness.

Prunella Vulgaris or “Self Heal” is a plant with roots in the soil for sucking in nutrients, leaves for gathering sugar from the sun and pretty purple flowers that contain substances that heal human skin.  Something naturally exists in her leaves and flowers that rid our human throats of viruses and bacteria and then further heal the endothelial tissue of our mucous membranes and skin.

To me this is proof of a greater energy in the world that connects us – plants to humans, humans to plants.”
— Kimberly (excerpt from journal)