"It was Kimberly’s services during a harrowing flare-up of ulcerative colitis that revealed to me the depth of her gifts and range of her knowledge. Both during and after a week-long stay in the hospital, Kimberly dialed into my situation: she established excellent communication with my medical doctors; she learned what foods I was being served in the hospital and figured out a way I could eat while there that wouldn’t exacerbate my condition.  When I left the hospital she created a comprehensive meal guide and herbal regimen, and provided me with the tinctures and teas I needed to heal my colon over the next several months. I have lived with ulcerative colitis for 18 years; with Kimberly’s care, I was finally able to put it into remission: this summer my blood-work showed that I am completely free of inflammation!  Kimberly’s care is grounded in a rigorous study of science and she is also a gifted intuitive and spiritual guide.  In addition to her wide-ranging scientific and botanical expertise, Kimberly also possesses one of the gentlest and expansive spirits I know. Her manner is deeply kind, reassuring, and free of judgment.  Her presence alone is healing.  I cannot recommend Kimberly highly enough - her care is lasting and transformative."



"A few years ago I developed severe seasonal asthma. During the fall months I found myself struggling to stay healthy and to preform simple daily tasks. I resorted to a heavy dose of steroids, which further weakened my immune system. This became a pattern each fall. I was disheartened by my dependence on steroids and wanted to take a  holistic approach to my health.  Kimberly has provided this for me. Her herbs have allowed me to breath with ease for the past few autumns, and have promoted my overall health. I have not used traditional inhalers or steroids since. Kimberly’s skill and intuition are a true gift."


“Kimberly Hotelling has been my herbalist since 2007. Since that time her evaluations, on-going consultations and recommendations of herbs have dramatically improved my health and overall well- being. She has been instrumental in providing herbs for my mental health issues as well. Kimberly has been available and prompt whenever I have run out of herbs or need a consultation. Throughout my recent menopause and subsequent changes, she has also been extremely helpful. Her attention to detail and years of experience and knowledge have been a significant positive change in my life!”



“My family has been using Root Vine Healing’s products since our teens were babies.  The bathroom cabinet is always stocked with our favorite remedies: Mellow Out, Lung Support, Tummy Soother, Sinus Oil, Allergy Relief, and our all-time favorite, couldn’t-live-without, Immune Booster, which we use at the first hint of a cough or cold.  Each remedy has its own healing power, and they also taste good!  We love seeing Root Vine Healing’s products in the homes of friends; we all agree that these are the best herbal remedies we have ever used.  We feel most fortunate!”



“I’ve been using Kimberly’s tinctures for many years now, after coming across her ‘mellow out’ remedy (used for myself and my son) at a local craft fair.  As much as I enjoy making my own, her formulas are so ideally and beautifully balanced that I still turn to her for her tasty, healing creations.  When my son was 4, and had pertussis, Kimberly put together a custom support remedy for him that was key in his recovery.  Healing, nurturing products, palatable for adults and kids alike, and a beautiful soul that puts her love into what she does.”



"Kimberly's Mellow Out tincture has successfully supported my sleep experience for years.  Just knowing it is by my bedside gives me comfort and reassurance.  Along with all the helpful and healing herbs, each tincture seems imbued with Kimberly's love and attention. "



“I have used Root Vine Healing’s products for years.  Every winter, as I start to feel my lips dry and chap, I start using the Miracle Salve and my lips stay soft and supple all winter long.  I even use it on my elbows and heels and it keeps my skin nice and soft, never rough. My next favorite product is Mellow Out - This stuff is amazing!  When I wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts that keep me from sleep, this tincture helps me get right back to sleep.  I also use it when facing a particularly stressful event during the day and it helps to calm my racing thoughts and anxiety.  I love it!  I also use the cough and cold tinctures.  I know that they reduce the severity and length of any colds that go through my house.  I have two children and work with pre-schoolers, so I am exposed to a lot of germs.  We have missed very little work and school thanks to Root Vine Healing’s herbs.”



"I suffered severe chemical sensitivities several years ago and have taken numerous measures to rebuild my health and resistance since then.  Experimenting with various therapies and products, I’ve gradually found what does and doesn’t work for me.  Simply stated, Kimberly’s great product ‘Liver Support’ has been a life saver.  I don’t take it continuously, but when I feel my system is being taxed and symptoms begin to flare up, I always turn to it as a proven remedy.  Usually within a day of beginning Liver Support I notice a significant improvement in health - reduced or complete relief of symptoms and an overall sense of well-being."