I absolutely LOVE to teach others about the amazing, health-giving, magical plant world!

 I feel it is incredibly important to pass on the knowledge of how to heal ourselves with the plants that grow right outside our doors.   Many of our common health concerns can be taken care of with common plants and it is empowering  to take part in our own healing.  As we gather and make medicine with the plants we also create a bond with the natural world which is deeply balancing and healing as well.

In my adult herb classes I like to teach about the plant world from different perspectives…

  • We learn how our bodies systems work and how the plants can affect these different systems
  • We explore the history of herbs and how plants have been used traditionally by different herbalists
  • We investigate the scientific research that has been done on the pertinent herbs
  • We may explore the herbal topic from the perspective of the Chinese 5 element theory
  • We spend time outside learning directly from the plants — exploring, harvesting, meditating, drawing the plants
  • We make medicines with the plants
  • And more depending on the topic of the class.

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