Join Us This Summer!

Herb camps are offered every summer at our home and gardens in West Corinth, Vermont. 

Camp is led by Kimberly Hotelling who has been teaching children
about plants and nature for over 20 years. 

The week-long day camp for 6-9 yr. olds is a magical time of stories, gathering plants, making plant based potions, lotions and art, playing outside, swimming in the pond and having fun together with the natural world as our main focus.

Teaching and inspiring children to use the plants around them for health, beauty and fun deeply connects them to their natural environment. Children feel a new sense of self-reliance and empowerment when they learn that they can use the plants growing all around them to help heal themselves and their families.


  • herb popsicles
  • lip balm
  • herb cough drops
  • pressed flower cards
  • herbal honey
  • herb tea
  • sleep pillows
  • smudge sticks
  • herb spritzers
  • herbal gummy bears and more!