Happy Dirty Spring!!!


I just went out in my first Spring Rain! Oh what a nourishing and enlivening smell!

I really do love Winter with the crisp, cleansing cold, the peace of the quiet white snow, that refreshing zing I can only feel after exertion in the single digits and the cozy warmth of tending my fire.

However, this winter the one thing that I really did miss was the Dirt. More and more I have been realizing how incredibly healing and grounding getting my hands in the dirt truly is - on so many levels.

So - as I was just outside experiencing my first Spring rain of the season I also had my first Dirt experience of the season - and Oh how rich, grounding and healing it was.

I pressed both my hands in a nice muddy spot and layed my forehead right down between them…..I breathed, I sunk down in and, well…..I can't find the words to describe the deep, dark, rich, connection and earthy relief that I felt.

My buzzing mind sunk right down low and everything slowed way down. Such essential, dirty Healing.

So - I encourage you to go on out, find a patch of dirty, earthy goodness and get yourself down in it however you can.

Soak in that Dirty, Healing Vibe, open your heart and nose to that earthen smell.

Relax down into the deep, dark healing of Old Mama Earth and let your energies mingle with hers.

Here are 2 amazing, healing facts about our beloved Dirt:

We have discovered that our soil contains microscopic bacteria (Mycobacterium vaccae) that we breathe in or ingest as we work in the dirt. These dirt microbes enter our bodies and interact with our nerves and brains to make our bodies produce more serotonin (our “happy” neurotransmitter ) - which has an antidepressant effect!

So - apart from the soul-nourishing and mama earth connecting that we know happens when we garden - or roll or play in the dirt - now we also know that messing around in the dirt is akin to taking an anti depressant! So freaking cool - huh?!

Also - getting down in the dirt is also especially crucial to maintaining our health these days as all of us are continually bombarded with damaging EMF radiation frequencies from our cell phones, computers, microwaves etc.…by placing our feet or hands or bodies on or in the dirt - we literally ground and release all that EMF radiation harmful energy that is running through our bodies.

When we have direct contact with the earth/dirt we soak up the dirt’s negatively charged electrons which combat the numerous negative effects of positively charged free radicals in our bodies. Studies have shown that this electrical exchange with the earth provides numerous health benefits including - decreasing the stress hormone cortisol , decreasing inflammation , improves glucose regulation, oxygenates blood and switches the nervous system from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest.”

So- even more impetus to get outside, find a spot of good ol’ dirt and get down in it however you can. Happy Dirty Spring!!!